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We may underestimate the popularity of Vimeo, the high end video social network with high bitrate, resolution, and relative HD support. Because users from White House to Britney Spears are using Vimeo as their high-definition video broadcast platform. You probably will fall in love with Vimeo deadly after using it. Here we’re dealing with another popular issue for Vimeo. That is, when you would like to enjoy or share Vimeo videos on iPod or any digital devices, how to convert Vimeo videos to MP3, MP4, AVI, MOV or any video formats you want?

How to Convert Vimeo Videos Online

Whatever how you like to convert Vimeo, we have another step to get ready. You have to download videos from Vimeo, and the recommended tool for this is Vimeo Downloader. Simply get those Vimeo videos downloaded ready for the video conversion.

Vimeo Converter, the well-designed application optimzed for Vimeo specially can easily convert videos to MP3, MP4 for iPod, iPhone as you want.

The reason for recommendation is its integration with Vimeo Downloader, and its professional conversion profiles adapted for specified devices. For example, there are may MPEG-4 encoded videos for iPhon in different definition and sizes.

Convert Vimeo Videos

Free online conversion services are always our favorite, such as Zamzar or movavi. Those online tools can convert Vimeo videos to common video formats. But the quality is not that acceptable only if you just want it for a try.

Vimeo Converter is the best solution to do the thing right, however, free online service is the simple approach for emergency Vimeo video conversion.

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