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animefreak logoAre you a fan of Japanese animation? If the answer is yes. I believe you must know Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Death Note etc. All these animations are interesting and novelty. But use the search engine to find these animation videos by episode is really an annoying thing. Then I think is a good place to go.

Animefreak supplies abundant resource of Japanese animation. The animations on this website are full English dubbed, and the update speed of episode is very fast. But if you want to download Animefreak videos, you must sign up and pay the fee. So consequently, I see some users ask for free method to download video from Animefreak. Is it possible? Of course there is a solution.

How to download video from

The thing comes first is you must have a right website or a software to help you download streaming videos. Generally, people visit or install software such as Streaming Video Recorder, Firefox plugin etc. These tools enable you to complete download task successfully, but here I want to recommend you a Animefreak video downloader called Video Download Capture for it multifunction. This program is capable of record videos from YouTube, Facebook, Metacafe, yahoo etc and performs other tasks. But now let’s learn the way of download Animefreak episodes first.

Download from here and follow my steps:

1.Launch the program.
2.Do some settings, click “option” button to regulate.
3.Visit the Animefreak, find a video you desire to download.
4.Play the video, the software will detect automatically, and then downloading begins.

animefreak video downloader

Done. Click “Open downloads directory” after the downloading process finishes, then you can find the recorded videos. The whole process is easy. Right?

What else you can do with Animefreak video downloader

Just as I mentioned above, this program is a comprehensive Video Download Capture with multifunction. It not only could download and save Animefreak video to your computer, but also features other functions. Now I’d like to introduce them in detail.

Useful converter
Maybe you are not satisfied with just watch these funny videos on your PC. Then the build-in converter will helps you a lot. You can transform the downloaded videos to any formats you like and transfer them to portable devices, such as: iPhone, iPad, iTouch, PSP, Zune etc and entertain yourself wherever and whenever.

Powerful screen recorder
More and more video-sharing websites are encoded their videos with live video. Common streaming video download tools are fail in detect the actual URL, which block the whole downloading job. When this question arises, you can click “Record Screen” button, this function enables you to record any videos display on your computer screen. In this case, you can record any live steaming videos, such as video from, Twitch TV etc.

Practical video editor
Sometimes after record a good video, you may want to do some modulations on it and makes it a new one for personal use. If this situation appears, it is unnecessary to download other video editor because this software will contents you. The interface is clear and understandable, you can handle it in a short time. Use “edit video” function, you can trim, crop, add some effects on the video.

video download capture interface

In a word, this tool is able to complete various kinds of task and meet most people’s need. How about download it and have a try?


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Download Animefreak videos in effortless way, 7.8 out of 10 based on 39 ratings
  • 1 Lynn ~ Apr 5, 2012 at 8:22 pm

    The download link is connected to the wrong download. It downloads “AllMyTube” which is useless and fails every time I attempt to download anything from Animefreak.

    John April 13th, 2012

    AllmyTube is a mac version which may not works like Windows Program VDC to download video from Animefreak.
    But I have test on my Windows PC, it works to download Animefreak video.

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    Rating: -1 (from 9 votes)

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