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How to download BBC videos

The question about download BBC videos:

1, I only can enjoy the past week radio and TV programs on BBC iPlayer, if I want to enjoy the present programs at immediate time when I miss the living broadcasting on BBC  radio or TV, can I download video from BBC to my computer to watch?

2, I am not live in UK, I always can’t access all BBC programs, TV shows to watch, and I just can listen some BBC radio programs on iPlayer. Whether there is a way to download BBC videos that I can watch them in my digital device?

The answer to above questions:

The above two questions we can give a certain answer “of course”, there are several ways to help you with BBC video download. Such as download BBC videos by the tool Video Download Capture, by YouTube Downloader etc.

download BBC videos

The process about how to download video from BBC by Video Download Capture.

Before BBC video download start, users should download and install the tool Video Download Capture;

Follow the first step is copy the address of the video which you want to get and paste it in the URL bar of the software. Then click the download button to go.

When all the videos are already downloaded off internet, users can choose the videos that will be converted and press convert button to convert them into common formats like MP4, 3GP, AVI and so on.

During the course of downloading BBC videos, this software has some additional functions, for example, if users have the desire of only capturing the exciting parts of videos, they can reset the start and end time of the videos and adjust the length of video by this tool.

Download BBC videos by YouTube Downloader:

This is another useful way to help users download video from BBC.

Download and launch YouTube Downloader is an essential step when people capture BBC video, only do this step first, we can do the next course.

download video from BBC

The next step is put the video’s address in the download bar of the above program and press start button to download.

Generally, the finally step is converting. In this step, you first should select the videos that would like to convert, then use convert button to finish converting

People capture BBC video by YouTube Downloader has some other benefits, that’s, they can edit downloaded videos and do special settings according to individual need.

Video Download Capture and YouTube Downloader except can help us download video from BBC easily and fast, when you download videos off other websites also can use them. They are general tools.

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  • 1 sorrygir ~ Oct 26, 2010 at 1:46 am

    I have ever haunted by a problem like the author mentioned at the beginning of the article. I like to watch BBC news , but I always as busy as a bee so I have no time to watch the living brocasting news,after my friend recommended me to try the Video Download Capture to download BBC news videos, I don’t annoy at all. I hope this software will be upgrade further upon the time.

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  • 2 sadmood ~ Nov 3, 2010 at 1:15 am

    Download BBC videos is one of my favorite hobby, though before I read this article I encountered with some difficult problems. Thanks god,I find these above methods, with them , download video from BBC to me can be called a small case. How happy I am!

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