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How to download CBC video

From CBC website, you can get different kinds of videos, including news videos, sport videos, TV shows videos and so on.

Although there are so many videos on the internet, you can’t watch them whenever you would like. In order to watch them freely and collect their favorite videos, more and more people prefer to download CBC video to their computer or portable digital devices like IPod, PSP etc.

Everything is not always smooth. When people download CBC videos, they always encounter some obstacles. For example, when they find a wonderful video and they want to download it off the internet, but to their disappointed, the site doesn’t offer download.

To some extent, this situation makes people download video from CBC difficult. But to judge a thing whether it’s easy or difficult mainly bases on the solution you applied.

Here, I will tell you a useful way to download CBC videos easily and effortlessly.

An easy way to download CBC video:

Download software Video Download Capture and install it;

After this program running, put the URL address of the video like in the download bar and click “Add to Download” to download.

In a short time, the video will be downloaded off the internet, but if you want to download CBC video to the IPhone and other devices, you have to operate a more step, that’s converting.

Selected the video you will convert, and then click the convert button. It will help you convert it to the common format which is compatible with your device.

When you download CBC videos, you also can adopt the edit function to capture the most wonderful part of a whole video. This function can give you a great hand to capture CBC video. You can adjust the aspect of the video size and reset the start and end time of the downloaded video when click the Crop and Trim button.

Finally, you can save CBC video to your personal device.

The program Video Download Capture not only has these functions, there are other features, enter into How to use Video Download Capture to get more information.

Accompany download CBC videos, there is another way existing.

The other way to download CBC video:

YouTube Downloader is also a tool designed to download videos from sites. It as well as Video Download Capture not only can download video from CBC, but also can download videos from other website.

You also need to download and install the program YouTube Downloader before you download video from CBC.

While you start to capture CBC video, put the URL address in the download bar of the above program and click download button.

The courses that download video from CBC finished. You just convert the video to the proper file by this tool then you can save CBC video in your digital device.

Other features of YouTube Downloader, you can learn from How to use YouTube Downloader.

If you want to download other internet videos, you also can use these two programs. They are universal tools.

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  • 1 skycrow ~ Oct 12, 2010 at 1:56 am

    Does the Video Download Capture can capture all the news from any websits ?

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  • 2 peinsly ~ Oct 27, 2010 at 8:07 pm

    I want to get a sure answer that all the videos downloaded by the above software can play in high quality on my digital device, if not, how on earth I should do?

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  • 3 unrehappy ~ Nov 3, 2010 at 1:37 am

    About the article, I want to ask a question here, that’s on CBC website, except for we can download news videos, whether we can download some latest famous films?

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