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How to download Crunchyroll videos

When refer to download Crunchyroll videos, people always come up with these questions: If I find a wonderful video in Crunchyroll website, how can I download it to my portable device? How and where do I download videos from Crunchyroll for free and how do I put them on my IPhone to watch? Whether there is a shortcut to do Crunchyroll video download?

From these above questions, we’re easy to find out that Crunchyroll website is a popular site in the modern world. In this case, let’s firstly know a little about Crunchyroll.


Crunchyroll is an American website and international online community devotes to streaming East Asian media including anime, music, drama, manga, electronic entertainment, and auto racing content.

As for this, many anime and drama fans like to download videos from Crunchyroll. There is no perfect thing in every way. Though this website offers people a lot of wonderful videos, when you watch them on the web browser, they always need to spend much time to wait buffering.

Therefore, the problem is not whether there is video for people to watch, instead, how to download Crunchyroll videos easily and fast so that we can watch them freely at any time.

Every problem always has its own resolution. Video Download Capture just the solution. This program is with prevailing video technologies inside; it is primarily devoted to free online video download and conversion.

Users can efficiently download videos from Crunchyroll and other popular sites, like Metacafe, YouTube etc.

To some degree, apply Video Download Capture to download Crunchyroll videos is as easy as blowing off dust.

When download video from Crunchyroll, you only need to copy the URL address of the video, and paste it in the URL bar of Video Download Capture, click “Add to Download” after installing the software and launch it.

Then this program will help you download several videos synchronously and it only takes you a short time to finish downloading.

Although the videos have been downloaded, Crunchyroll video download isn’t really completely finished. If you want to transfer them to your specific device, you should use Video Download Capture to convert them to different files which your device supports.

Until here, Crunchyroll video download is come to an end.

In addition, while you download video from Crunchyroll, you can use this program’s other features to do some special settings and operations. For example, you can shorten the video length and set new start and end time by clicking Trim and so on.

Different ways to a same destination, another program YouTube Downloader Suite is also a superior tool to help you download Crunchyroll videos.

Download videos from Crunchyroll by YouTube Downloader Suite only needs four main steps.

Download and install YouTube Downloader Suite; then download video from Crunchyroll; third, convert then video; finally, you can do special settings according to need.

These two programs can help you achieve the same goal—make Crunchyroll video download is fast and efficient.

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  • 1 white9 ~ Aug 19, 2010 at 2:12 am

    Watch anime is my favorite hobby. But I always bored with how I can watch the most popular anime on the go, now I find this secret way. Thanks the above program!

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  • 2 *~*shosho*~* ~ Aug 25, 2010 at 8:08 pm

    that’s great way but i wish for a way without program oh well

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  • 3 sunface ~ Oct 18, 2010 at 7:14 pm

    oh, my god! I finally find out the way I dream about to download Crunchyroll videos. thanks a lot!

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  • 4 restartgirl ~ Oct 21, 2010 at 6:33 pm

    I have found that except these above programs, there are some other video download tools like Streaming Video Recorder, Video Downloader Suite etc. I wonder that what’s the difference among them?

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