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Tips to download DramaFever video

dramafever logoK-pop is a vigorous culture industry which is sweeping the world in recent years. Speaking to its rapid development, the fever of Korean dramas plays a vital role in it. The touching plots, pretty actors and gorgeous clothing in dramas attract the concern from all over the world. To meet the need of K-drama lovers in English-speaking countries, translate the Korean episodes and fully subtitled them in English. Then, viewers will no longer be troubled by the unknown language and be able to watch DramaFever videos at pleasant.

After getting an accountant at, no ads will pop up in video playing procedure and you can watch videos in fluent 720p high definition. The registered members gain the benefit to watch the latest presented dramas because the website has formal cooperation with three major Korean broadcast companies. To sum up, viewers will obtain much amusement when looking through the site. Yet, assuming that you desire to download DramaFever video and conserve it for personal interest. You will realize that DramaFever doesn’t provide the service in this side.

Instructions of how to download videos from DramaFever

Don’t be upset for that the website doesn’t offer you chance to download videos directly. With the help of the DramaFever video downloader, the video streams will be delivered to your hard drive smoothly. Hope to save your favorite K-drama without quality loss? Just count on this video downloader.

Be concentrated now, I’ll explain the detailed use of this software.

download icon Click here to download the video downloader

1. Run it after installation, hit “option” icon to exclude some unwanted file type. (For example, you can exclude SWF for most annoying ads are streamed by it.)
2. Open, play the drama which you like.
3. Activate the “Advanced Video Recorder” by clicking the button, the inlaid browser will be opened. Input the video page URL into address bar and press “Enter” key. The software can detect and download Korean episode from DramaFever instantly.

downloading dramafever video

When the video downloading finishes, you can click “open folder” to check it. As the downloaded videos are in FLV format which doesn’t compatible with iPhone, iPod and iTouch, you can’t transfer them to these gadgets immediately. At this time, the “Add to itunes” item under “Tools” tab will do you a favor. What need to do is add videos to library, the software will convert the media files to suitable format. The iTunes update completes after the whole process has been done.

Enjoy DramaFever videos better—on your large screen TV

Have this though ever came to your mind? How wonderful if I can watch DramaFever’s high resolution Korean episodes on television. The screen is larger than PC, the sound effect is also better. Actually, this idea can be achieved by the great Roku app.

roku channels

After a few settings, you can watch DramaFever videos on TV. Firstly, connect the Roku player to TV and turn it on. When the loading process ends, use the remote to search DramaFever in the channel store. Download the channel off, select your favorite episodes and watch them freely. Furthermore, Roku owns over 400 channels including highly popular Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, Ted and etc.

Tip: The way to download DramaFever video is appropriate for downloading rtmp videos.

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