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A smart way to download facebook video to computer

Each day, there are always lots of people share videos, music and other funny stuff with as many users as you want on facebook. If you agree to be a friend of others, you can use facebook to communicate with them directly including voice chatting, sharing media content and exchanging ideas etc. The social website facebook, to some extent, has been a part of everyday life and keeps on trying to bring happiness to you.

download videos from facebook to computer

Why do you need to download videos from facebook to computer?

As the video resource of facebook is abounded exceedingly, users begin exchanging and sharing oneself video or other. Some of you might be not content with streaming these video online, you must have been wanting to download videos from facebook to computer in case that the original uploader delete the videos.

In a word, to download facebook videos to computer, you can watch videos offline wherever and whenever you want and never be bothered by buffering internet connection while viewing videos. Besides, with the right video sources, you are able to make your own videos for some practical use such as uploading videos to YouTube or applying it as campus streaming video teaching etc.

How can you download facebook videos to computer easily and efficiently?

Next comes the problem what kind of program you should use. Have you looked on the web to find out the best one? If no, it is a good try for Video Download Capture, which is capable of capturing videos from the web and recording anything played on PC screen.

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download facebook videos to computer

Simple and rapid steps to download facebook video to computer

Just take the four steps showed below:

Step1: Quickly install Video Download Capture, and then open it. First set “download directory” on “Settings” icon.

Step2: Visit facebook webpage and play your favorite videos, paste the link into download source box. Push “Add to download” button to download facebook videos to computer.

Step3: Repeat the same steps; you may download multiple videos at once. Just a few minutes, you will download facebook video to computer effortlessly.

Step4: Convert facebook video to the formats that matches with your gadgets like iPod and then start synchronizing on iTunes. In this way, you can download facebook video to iPod and any other players.

The right way to record screen video

Sometimes you cannot find the download link of videos, how do you solve it? Do not be frustrated; just use its “Screen recorder” function. For example, if you play adobe flash video, you need look at here:


1. Click “Record Screen” button, then it will pop up a window asking whether you need preset video recordings, if you are the first time to use this program, click “yes” to go next. Then choose output folder and enable “speakers” as input audio.

2. Then select the recorded region by dragging your mouse and start recording. Press “Stop Recording” finally.

Note: The first step should be done only once, when you record screen video the next time, no need to enable system sound.

All the above detailed operation steps guides you how to download facebook video to computer. In fact, you may hit other options like free tools keepvid, but you could not get several videos for downloading at the same time.

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