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Right Approaches to Download Movie2k

For those movie fans, or anyone who wants to kill spare time, online cinema film, movie and tv show are the best choice. At Movie2k, you can watch all free cinema movie streams instantly. Also, you may download the movie streams to your computer and play back on iPod, PSP or DVD etc as you want.


How to Download Free Online Movies on

Actually, movie2k doesn’t host any movies, it just collects resources from various of websites. The site indeed offers much convenience, but the popup adverts and some useless pages urge viewers to download movies from movie2k for offline viewing. It’s okay, the movie streams can be simply downloaded in three ways.

Way 1: Download free movies on movie2k directly

Except for watching films, the site also offers download option for users. For downloading a movie, enter the playing page firstly, a list of watching platforms are provided there. Click on any one of them, the video starts to play. A small download button can be found beside the window, hit it. Then, you will be asked to install a program like downloader or web player. Before you save the film to computer, you should install the program first.

However, this is not a general solution, since the certain program only can be used to download a part of movie2k movies.

Way 2: Download from movie2k professional downloader

Compared to the first way, it is more comprehensive and easy to operate. Do the following steps:

Download video downloader

1. Install Video Download Capture ready for Movie2k movie streams
2. Then launch it and browse the movie at
3. Open a film, the app will auto-capture it and import it the download queue

download movie2k movies

You can repeat these steps and carry out batch downloads. While downloading the movie, you can leave the webpage and do other things freely.

Way 3: Download movie2k movies by recording

Without any doubt, it is the 100% successful way to download free online movies. You can find lots of screen recording tool online, free or paid. But you don’t need to waste time on choosing, for Video Download Capture comes with recording function.

Different from the downloading process, you should make special settings in order to record a movie perfectly. Tap “Record Screen”, set the audio input source to system sound. Then, select record area according to your requirement, record custom area, window, around mouse or full screen. I recommend you to use the full screen mode to conserve the film. After that, click “Start” button.

download film

Play Movie2k on Cellphone

After getting some movies off Internet, you can send them to mobile for enjoying at anytime. Based on my experience, most downloaded movies are FLV or AVI files. If you send these files to mobile, they cannot be opened normally. Why? These are incompatible formats to mobiles. Thus, it is necessary to do conversion jobs.

As we all know, MP4 is the most widely-used format in these days. Programs like clipconverter, Apowersoft online converter, Freemake converter are able to convert all video formats to MP4. The above mentioned movie2k downloader can convert videos for portable devices as well.

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