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As far as I know, many people love funny videos on the account of making us happy. We play with cats, dogs and other funny animals for pleasure. We see people doing funny movements which make us laugh all the time. We like searching interesting videos from YouTube, Metacafe and other sites.

But have you ever thought of downloading online funny video to your computer or other portable video players? Do you want to watch funny videos any time or any place?

Nobody will bear to miss the funny moment, so we spontaneously come up with the idea that how to download funny videos with some tools. But first of all, we should solve the problem below:

Where can we find funny videos?

Based on the data analyze, plenty of sites like YouTube, Metacafe, stupidvideos,, newgrounds, funnyplace etc are welcomed by most people . Or else, you can search on Google, input “funny videos”, and then you can see a lot of sites that provide a large number of online videos you like.

In this case, the solution of how to download comic video to psp, PC or other device seems to be necessary.

How can we download funny videos

Downloading funny videos is a very simple thing with Video Download Capture, you can input “funny video” to the search bar of Video Download Capture, and then a result list will turn on which show you many funny videos. You can choose to preview it first or just download funny videos directly. Of course you can choose to download funny videos from some video-sharing sites by paste the video URL to Video Download Capture’s URL address bar.NO matter which way you choose, you can get a batch download of funny videos.

Other Ways to Download Funny Videos

Here are some other tool which can also help you download funny video easily.

YouTube Downloader Suite – Download Funny videos from YouTube.

This program specializes in downloading video from YouTube. Furthermore, it also offers other video-sharing websites, such as, break, dailymotion, freefunnyvideo, funnyhub, metacafe etc. For the intention of better understanding to it, I will simply recommend several main functions for you.

YouTube downloading

Five advantages of YouTube downloader suite:
1. Directly enter the video URL and download it.
2. Provide video converter to convert format.
3. Enable to download videos in batch.
4. Inlaid video player.
5. Click “enable Video Recorder” button helps you download videos automatically, including RTMP video like Hulu, Myspace.

No matter which way you choose to download funny videos, it’s up to you. But we can’t exclude the case that maybe someone prefers to watch them online. So I’d like you give you some clues.

Online Funny video websites

There are also some famous online funny video websites for you to watch funny video directly.
Funny videos from Metacafe. There are also some other videos.
Funny videos collection and funny video clips and funny movie videos to download.
Funny people videos.
The funny side of advertising.
Humor of the college
Funny video,funny video clips,home video and stupid.
Douse of laughs!
Funny Videos, Flash Movies, Fun Games and Funny Pictures!
An online humor database featuring thousands of funny pictures, videos, jokes, animations and online games.
Funny Videos, Funny Pictures, Flash Games
Funny videos,funny picetures,jokes, funny games.
Good funny video site.
Funny flash videos, jokes.

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