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How to download RTMP/RTMPE video with advanced video recorder

General Questions about rtmp video download

FAQ logoQuestion one: I have no idea what RTMP is and what differences are the videos that embedded in RTMP/RMPE provider.

Answer: RTMP is abbreviated for Real Time Messaging Protocol that developed by adobe flash player to stream video, audio, movies, music and any data from the internet. The popular users of HTMP protocol include Hulu, PBS, Netflix, CBS, ABC and Ovguide etc. On such websites, you will be allowed to play and stream videos directly, but cannot download rtmp videos for those sites has adopted technology to encrypt and secure their streaming media content.

Question two: How could you download videos that are streamed from websites of RTMP/RTMPE protocol and save it on your local discs?

Answer: It seems that there are dozens of apps out there to grab online videos, but very few available for you to download rtmpe video or any protected ones. Have you doped out a solution to your problem? If not yet, please check out the hints and answers in detail:

How to download RTMP/RTMPE video with Advanced Video Recorder

As we all know, most video grabber tools has been fantastic to download videos from social streaming media website such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Google video, Vevo etc, but not all of them can read rtmp protocol video websites, in this case, you need use a dedicated RTMP video downloader to manage all downloading problems. The newest version of Video Download Capture features “Advanced Video Recorder” function that can download any videos, no matter where these videos are hosted.

RTMP video downloading process

Here’s a specific guide to save rtmp videos. To the website Hulu as an example, if you can download hulu videos, you are able to perform all the rtmp video download task.

Step one: Download and install the program – Video Download Capture.

Step two: After startup, you will find “Advanced Video Recorder” at the bottom left of interface, press it to have access to quick start page.

Step three: Browse to the video you want to download from Hulu, then add the video link into built-in browser. Click “Go” to process your rtmp video download job.

Note: Assuming that you don’t want to record a few seconds advertisements embedded in Hulu videos, just download rtmp videos by specifying its default filters such as video duration or size.

That’s done. All these steps can be taken to download other encrypted streaming media sites as well. It’s exactly the same as you do it above. You may also watch a demo video of how to download rtmp videos below.

Just like what you are experiencing, the Advanced Video Recorder of Video Download Capture could be of great assistance to rtmp video download. In addition to this feature, it serves other functions. Let’s get to know its additional capacities one by one.

1. The built-in media player can make users play the video downloads in progress. just select the video that is being downloaded and click “play” button. In other words, you can watch the video without the need to wait all contents to be fully downloaded.

2. Best quality video format conversion for PSP, iPhone 4S, the New iPad, iPod and more.

3. Add videos to iTunes directly and transfer videos to multiple digital devices like Apple’s product, Android devices, PSP etc.

4. Screen capture software is used mainly for demo video purpose.

So much about this, is this program your ideal RTMP video downloader?

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