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You know, the official online video streaming service from BBC iPlayer is the treasure for people in UK or worldwide, especially kind of BBC radio and television fans like me. Because iPlayer just lets you catch up with radio and television programmes from the past week, from radio programmes, news reports, documentaries, and any TV shows on BBC. So you can enjoy them later if you just miss the live broadcasting on BBC television or radio.


download videos from BBC iPlayer
For any reasons, such as personal video collection, playback on iPod or mobile phones, you would like to learn how to download BBC iPlayer video to your computer. Here we can introduce some tips on this, to fulfill your requests on those videos on BBC iPlayer.


The Ways to Download BBC iPlayer Video

For those prominent programmes from BBC, the most trusted news reporter, we want to download videos from BBC iPlayer, so we can’t enjoy them anytime anywhere or on any digital devices. At first, we should know the essential rule on BBC iPlayer: for audience in UK, you can access all BBC programmes, radios, TV shows to watch, but for overseas viewers, you’re just allowed to listen most of BBC radio programmes on iPlayer.

Record and Download BBC iPlayer Video Online
This method seems okay to try. You should install the BBC iPlayer Video Downloader, then turn its built-in video recorder. Then browse any videos on BBC iPlayer, if the video is detected successfully by the downloader, the BBC iPlayer video will be added to download manager automatically.

The another value-added feature of this video downloader is, it can help you easily convert BBC iPlayer video to other video formats, so the video can be properly played on your iPod, iPhone, PSP or mobile phones.


Download BBC iPlayer Video

Download Video to BBC iPlayer Desktop
Such a desktop application is released by BBC iPlayer officially to how to download BBC iPlayer video to your computer. This page details how to use BBC iPlaye Desktop to download videos online. In brief, a) install the desktop app based on Adobe Air, b) browse video page on BBC iPlayer, c) click “Download” button on the right corner of the main palyer.

By the way, BBC has its own YouTube channel with a lot of updated video clips to watch online, but for UK only. Check out it at Also, you may learn how to download high quality YouTube videos.


Know More about BBC iPlayer

This British Internet television service BBC iPlayer is formerly known as Integrated Media Player (iMP), Interactive Media Player or MyBBCPlayer. It extends its former RealPlayer-based “Radio Player” and other streamed video clip content from BBC, including all radios, televisions in categorized video library.

For more information about BBC iPlayer, see official intro and Wikipedia: iPlayer and Wikipedia: BBC.

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