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VidiLife is much more than a video share site and is one of the most entertaining websites we have visited. Not only can you post and view a plethora of video, both professional and amateur, but you can also view photos, interact with other members or even join a club.


About vidiLife Video Sharing

VidiLife is an entertaining website with videos, photographs and more. It allows you to share some of your life with others and check out what other people are doing with their lives. VidiLife is really part video sharing service and part social networking site. Basically, it’s a combination of YouTube and MySpace. While most of the site’s activities focus around uploading and watching videos, you can also blog, join clubs, rate videos, play games, and more at the site.

vidiLife offers online video sharing for everyone with quality service:

With the great video sharing by vidiLife, you might want to bring some vidiLife videos on your PC or your cellphone. A piece of cake? Nope. As vidiLife doesn’t offer such quick download option on video page, we need another way. Certainly it could be easy with the right toolkit. Just follow the instructions below:


How to Download vidiLife Video

Step 1
Get the right toolkit to downlaod vidiLife Video, Video Downoad Capture is recommended, install and launch the application;

Step 2
Simply copy and paste vidiLife Video video page address on the application, then click “Add to Download”:

Step 3
Switch to Convert tab, and convert vidiLife Video to different formats for iPod, iPhone, PSP, DVD, etc.

Got ready to watch vidiLife videos from your pocket or your computer? Now just take the videos as you go anywhere anytime.

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