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How to capture embedded video

It’s not difficult to see that many people like embedding videos into social website, personal blogs, video portals in order to share them within groups or friends. That is to say, as long as the videos are embedded onto web pages, you can regard them as open source community, enjoying and accessing freely.

This is, for example, the most common embedded videos that you watched are from website YouTube, thus if you want to capture embedded video on your PC; there are many free software programs available for you like zamzar, keepvid etc. But these tools do not work for every site like facebook, Hulu, VEVO and so on.

Therefore, when it refers to capturing embedded video from any popular sites you like, Video Download Capture makes that an easy reality. With it, you will have no worries about the embedded videos being deleted for it makes possible to keep them on your local disks forever.

capture embedded video

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Simple procedures for capturing embedded video

First, test out its recording function


Quickly install and start up the program


1. Click “Record Screen” and a window will be shown in front to remind you of presetting video recordings.
2. If are the first visit, hit “Yes” to pick on your preferred output folder and generally set “Speakers” as system sound. No need to preset in the next time
3. Open a web page with an embedded video, and cursor-dragging to select the recording area.
4. You are able to capture embedded video in no time.


Convert videos between formats; For example, convert Dailymotion videos to mp4, 3gp, avi, mov, wmv etc and transfer to your iPad, iPhone or other digital players.

How to capture embedded videos in bulk

If you do not have patience to capture embedded video one by one, you may paste video link into url source and download directly. It supports batch downloading at the same time. But not every time the video link will be listed, if you cannot find it, its recording function will be the best alternative.

capturing embedded video

Please note: This video downloading program will only capture website videos on windows 2000, XP, windows7, windows vista users, but not suitable for Mac users anyway.

Interesting topic for you

We know that YouTube has rich video resources. Apart from capture embedded flash video from YouTube, have you ever wondered how to embed YouTube video to your personal web page? After this, share your favorite ones with people and join in discussion.

Please operate it by steps:

1. Click “share” button on the bottom of YouTube video
2. Then right hit “embed”
3. Copy and paste the embedded video into your blog or other wanted websites.

Refer to this post, you will both have the ability to capture embedded videos and embed video into a web page. Does it matter for you?

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