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How to Convert Facebook Video

Since we no longer treat Facebook just as a social networking tool, this is the new place we have a variety of entertainment, such as Facebook video. We may get a lot of videos on Facebook to watch from friends, and friends of friends. And now Facebook videos are not bad, also in high quality as we like. When you saw something really nice, such as a beautiful song, a funny clip, have you ever think about how to convert Facebook videos so you can watch them as MP4 on your iPod or mobile phones? Actually, all you need is a handy video conversion tool like Facebook Converter.

We’re discussing how can we convert Facebook. But before that, maybe we should know a little more how to download Facebook video. The simple rule here is, first download, then convert. Although Facebook videos are already encoded to MPEG-4 for playback, they might not be compatible with other digital devices, such as your iPod.

Convert Facebook Videos

Method #1:
There are many video conversion tools to do this, and the best approach should be Facebook Video Converter, which is included in the Facebook Video Downloader. This design is convenient for users to combine facebook video download and convert in one-stop service.

Another advantage on the Facebook Converter is the optimized video conversion profiles for different uses. For example, there are more MPEG-4 output in resolution and definition.

Facebook Video Converter

Method #2:
We may find some free online conversion service such as Zamzar or movavi, which can convert videos online to other formats, such as MP3, AVI, etc. However, the quality and file size is unexpected.

Method #3:
An open source, multiplatform video transcoder called HandBrake is recommended by some users, because this video conversion tool is so powerful with full abilities to convert Facebook videos anyway. But, it’s a little bit complicated to use since it’s built as professional video transcoder. You have to try and be familiar with those video parameters in details.

Convert Facebook

Once you managed to use one or two ways to convert Facebook as you want, it’s the time to share and enjoy videos from Facebook as you want, on iPod, iPhone, PSP, DVD or YouTube whatever.

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  • 1 Flip ~ Apr 28, 2010 at 6:13 am

    What for me,I use Macvide VideoFlash Converter.It’s soft for convert avi to flv.It’s helps me a lot.)

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    i wnt to use converter to download mp3

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