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How to Download Videos from Youku

About Youku is the leading brand in the area of China’s network video industry, where users can browse, upload, view, search, and share all types of video content in the quickest and most convenient way. Youku serves professional content, user-generated content and self-produced video content in China and internationally. Operating since 2006, Youku is developing rapidly and maintains a competitive advantage in the brand recognition of domestic network market.

Youku offers a space for ordinary internet users to share their videos and anything else they create. With the great video sharing platform, you cannot wait to bring some Youku videos on your PC or any other portable devices. A piece of cake? Nope, they cannot recognize Youku videos. So you might need to find some special ways to download Youku videos truly. Certainly it could be easy with the right toolkit – Video download capture. You can make it easily if in a snap of finger you have. Just follow the instructions below:

Steps for Downloading Youku Video

Step 1: Get the right software from below, download and install it to download youku movie.

Download from youku

Step 2: Open up the youku videos that you wanna save. Click the “Settings” on the application to specific a directory for placing your downloaded videos, then copy the URL address of the video page and paste it in the URL bar of the video downloader. Click “add to download” to go next.

Step 3: Turn the built-in recorder from off to on. Then videos will be detected and downloaded off automatically while playing.

download from youku

The downloaded videos are in high definition, you can check it after downloading.

How to Convert Youku to MP4

Adobe Flash does not work on nearly all the mobiles without internet or a third-party player. In order to watch Youku videos on your mobile devices, it is better to convert Youku to a common used format – MP4. In doing so, the videos will be opened on most devices fluently.

With Youku downloader, the videos will be converted with a few clicks. It will locate to the files in download directory as default so as to let you convert downloaded videos ceaselessly. Okay, set the target video format and select “to MP4”. Or, choose “to Android” and “to iPhone”. The last thing is to hit “Start” for beginning video conversion. Besides, users of Apple products can convert Youku video in a faster way. All you need to do is to choose “Add to iTunes” under the “Tool” menu, then add videos and sync them to iTunes library.

convert youku video

Friendly tips: You are allowed to download and convert any Internet videos with this utility. According to your interest, it is easy to download TV shows, music videos and funny videos. Or, adults are free to download porn videos from xnxx or download videos from tube8.

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