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RuTube is something like YouTube that features an online streaming video service. Thousands of online movies, TV episodes, music videos and radio channel programs are available on the site. It is actually a Russian video sharing website like YouTube, which gives users a great variety of video content.

While RuTube has become the one part that many people entertain themselves, you must have got some ideas to download videos, either for relaxation purposes or for work needs.

Rutube video downloader is really an amazing software, which could help you save any videos you like from for free. Of course, this application is not just served as a streaming video downloader; more features could be explored by reading the following guides.

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A best way on how to download videos from Rutube videos

Instead of copying and pasting videos for downloading, you have to record rutube videos. I mean, click "Record Screen" to download videos from When you play the video, the record icon will auto grab videos. This method differs from video downloading method, but it is smarter with

Essential knowledge before downloading Rutube video clips:

Perhaps this is your first time to use its Screen Capture tools, first do some general settings about recording such as specifying output format and folder. As its screen recorder captures video and audio simultaneously from your computer's sound card or microphone, try to avoid any noises during recording process so that it won't affect the sound quality. You may also download videos from yuvutu, last fm, youku, tudou or other foreign websites.

More about Rutube video downloader:

Seen this way, you are quite easy to download videos, but never are really so. In fact, I just mentioned that the traditional method – URL detecting mode or Streaming Video Recording method could download videos from Youtube, Metacafe, Vimeo, MySpace or other common sites, but cannot help with Hulu, twitch TV, or other protected video sites.

Function diversity:

1. Output the video with the suitable formats for portable devices. Add the video to iTunes library and make it transfer.

2. While you download videos accompanied with adverts, remove it by using its editor. Or windows movie maker could be feasible. Downloader
RuTube Video Download Screenshots

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Hot debate between Rutube and YouTube

Since there are some similarities between Rutube and YouTube, a heated debate arises over the two websites. It mostly focuses on which site shows more advantages over the other one. In this regard, different people have different views. RuTube is full of advertisements that will always annoy you. By comparison, the commercial interruptions are fewer on YouTube. As for its video content, I personally feel they both have rich video resources that make you have a wide range selection. Just evaluate them in accordance with the specific conditions.

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