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As what the name implies, SexTube is a porn website to share free featured porn and live sex videos. It is a good source for you to watch full length high quality DVDs and porn tube movies. Like most other sex video sites, such as, xTube, RedTube, pornhub, videos of SexTube are flv format streaming videos. How to download these videos for later freely playback will be an issue that bothers you.

Now don't feel confused and just unbend your brow, SexTube Downloader will take care of everything to help you save videos from web to computer. It will provide you with totally automatic way to download SexTube, and there are far more functions to give you abilities of converting and editing videos as you expect.

The software is specialized in downloading and capturing online videos to other offline media players. Not only for SexTube, you can also download NBC videos, YouTube, Veoh, MySpace, AOL, ABCnews, etc.

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Quick Direction to download movie from SexTube

Let's get to the point straightly, follow the instructions to conduct sextube download.

1. Paste the video URL into the program. Click "Add to Download". If you want to download videos in batch, import the videos one by one.

2. As soon as the video download tasks are added into list, downloading will be triggered immediately. And in a short time, you will get the downloaded SexTube videos.

3. Tap "Convert" button, convert downloaded video clips to different formats, so as to view SexTube videos with different portable digital players.

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Learn more advantages of SexTube Downloader

Easy downloading process

Simply enter the video URL and click "download" button, all your jobs are finished. The downloader will download all videos in full length and original quality. Alternatively, you can turn on the video sniffer. Therefore if you open a video on SexTube, the downloader will discover the video URL, and you just need to click "OK" to download.

Download SexTube flv video for portable devices

Flv video format is not supported by most mobile devices, like Android Phone, Mp4 player, black berry, Creative Zen, Xbox360. The compatible video formats are mainly MPEG4, AVI and WMV. Use the embedded Video Converter to eliminate incompatible issue for portably enjoying SexTube videos. Choose an output format, and then the program will export video as specified format.

Download videos from Sextube in bulk

You are allowed to add multiple video links for downloading them altogether at same time. You are allowed to input videos either come from same or different websites. After you importing these download tasks, the software will download them with optimal speed and only use little resource on your hard drive.

Save videos by recording screen

There is another existing way for you to save Sextube videos. While you are watching video, you can activate inbuilt scree recorder, specify the record area. And utilize the shortcut keys to start, pause and stop recording videos at any time you want. This method is also suitable for downloading GayTube videos.

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