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Video Download Capture - CHANGELOG

Apowersoft Video Download Capture V 4.8.0 Released (02/08/2014)New

  1. Support downloading videos from c-span, CBS,, Tinypic, Vube, Keek,,.
  2. Fixed the bug that cannot be downloaded from VEVO, Collegehumor, etc.
  3. Add into iTunes while right-clicking the video on "Convert" and "Record Screen" interface.
  4. Do not automatically jump to the Help page immediately after installation.
  5. Added the link pointed to Video Download FAQ Forum under "Help" tab
  6. Optimized multi-language support
  7. Fixed many bugs

Video Download Capture V 4.6.9(Build 11/28/2013)

  1. Supported to retrieve title from original video and name the downloaded file automatically.
  2. Improved download function by letting download from more sites such as PBS and CNTV.
  3. Added Japanese help guide.
  4. Minor bugs fixed.

Video Download Capture V 4.6.8(Build 11/19/2013)

  1. Fixed the problems on video conversion.
  2. Improved video downloads by enabling users to download Lynda courses in bulk.
  3. Optimized the inbuilt audio editor.
  4. Optimized the UI.

Video Download Capture V 4.6.5(Build 10/21/2013)

  1. Fixed the problem that videos could not be converted after trimming.
  2. Removed YouTube's restrictions on downloading videos in 1080p and 4k resolution.
  3. Optimized the function of "Add to iTunes", you can directly transfer video formats that supported by iOS devices.
  4. Added a temp folder for placing the videos being downloaded temporarily (These files would be moved to output folder when they're done).

Video Download Capture V 4.6.2(Build 10/12/2013)

  1. Supported downloading videos on Facebook, Dailymotion and YouTube which require user-login.
  2. Optimized the downloads of VEVO videos
  3. Supported downloading the entire YouTube playlist and VEVO playlist in one click.
  4. Improved the function of "Add batch URLs"
  5. Fixed some minor bugs and made some other improvements.

Video Download Capture V 4.6.0(Build 10/04/2013)

  1. Fixed and optimized downloading videos from Veoh,Vevo, Lynda and Udemy
  2. Optimized video detector, it is more stable.
  3. Optimized built-in Audio Editor
  4. Added an option of "Maximum simultaneous downloads"
  5. Added "Add batch URLs" function, now you can copy a series of URLs to download
  6. Added MP3 bitrate selection for recording audio only, you can choose bitrate from 64Kbps to 320Kbps.
  7. Download all videos from a YouTube channel in one click.
  8. Minor bug-fixes and improvements.

Video Download Capture V 4.3.5(Build 03/10/2013)

  1. Reduced the size of software package.
  2. Various bugs fixed.
  3. Optimized the built-in player.

Video Download Capture V 4.3.3(Build 03/05/2013)

  1. Support Facebook video downloads.
  2. Support downloading videos streamed by MMS and RTSP protocol.
  3. Various small improvements.

Video Download Capture V 4.3.1(Build 02/15/2013)

  1. Fixed the bugs of downloading videos from, 4tube, 5min, bliptv and other sites.
  2. Added the Paste URL from Clipboard button, you may paste video URL to download bar and process video download directly.
  3. Added Polish translation.
  4. Enhanced support for Windows 7 and Windows 8
  5. Minor bugs fixed.

Video Download Capture V 4.2.8(Build 01/20/2013)

  1. Optimized the output quality of merged videos.
  2. Added Show recording boundary option under the Screen Recording settings.
  3. Fixed the bug: save the download task once the video downloading begins. You are able to resume video download when restarting the program.
  4. Fixed the bug: Error message shows when creating screen recording task.

Video Download Capture V4.2.5(Build 12/09/2012)

  1. Audio Repeater was optimized so that it avoids the noiseless computer while recording. And if Audio Repeater failed in launching, the pop-up message would tell users how to resolve it.
  2. Updated the recording components from 1.60.531 version to version
  3. Optimize the screen recording quality
  4. Enhanced support for Windows 7 and Windows 8
  5. Fixed some bugs

Video Download Capture V4.2.4(Build 11/21/2012)

  1. Fixed the bug: it leads to the output video with no audio information once recording screen.

Video Download Capture V4.2.3(Build 11/08/2012)

  1. You may download videos from YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo in your preferred video formats or resolutions.
  2. Minor bugs fixed

Video Download Capture V4.2.1 (Build 10/11/2012)

  1. This version signed VDC audio driver and software
  2. Minor bugs fixed

Video Download Capture V4.2.0 (Build 09/05/2012)

  1. Add a new tab for hotkey settings in Options, you can customize hotkeys and boss key with ease.
  2. Add audio settings item in Options under Screen Recording tab.
  3. You can preset recording resolution while customizing screen recording region.
  4. Support for Window 8 operating system.
  5. Various bugs fixed

Video Download Capture V4.1.8 (Build 07/18/2012)

  1. Fixed the bug: MKV video with multiple vorbis tracks turn to mute after conversion.
  2. Added Clear IE Cache and View IE Cache features in the built-in browser. It can settle down the problem of failing in watching RTMP videos in browser and downloading them. Also it is convenient for you to check videos, music and files in cache with View IE Cache function.

Video Download Capture V4.1.7 (Build 07/03/2012)

  1. Rename and Delete from disk functions are added in the download list, easily rename your downloaded video file or directly delete your unwanted video from disk through interface.
  2. The download task and the downloaded videos will be kept in the download list all the time unless you delete it manually.
  3. You can change UI around the full screen mode or drag its size at will.

Video Download Capture V4.1.6 (Build 06/08/2012)

  1. Fix the bug of merging video files into one
  2. Fix the bug:the built-in browser is inconsistent with IE browser version installed on your PC, so a part of websites claim that the video cannot be played due to its low version.

Video Download Capture V4.1.4 (Build 05/12/2012)

  1. Fixed bug with downloading videos from,,
  2. Fixed unreadable text while installing with Non-English language on English Windows
  3. Added support for
  4. Added Portuguese-Brazil translation
  5. Added Turkish translation
  6. Various small improvements

Video Download Capture V4.1.2 (April. 19th, 2012)

  1. Fixed the bug: download video while playing results in the malfunction of playing and converting video.
  2. Fixed: Progress bar doesn’t show correctly while transferring videos to iTunes.
  3. Optimized built-in player, you can watch videos in full screen or drag window to the desired size for playing.
  4. Added social bookmark sharing function.

Video Download Capture V4.1.1 (Mar. 20th, 2012)

  1. Add and transfer videos to iTunes.
  2. Promoted the quality of PSP video format conversion.

Video Download Capture V4.1.0 (Mar. 18th, 2012)

  1. Support Recording video streamed in RTMP/RTMPE, so you can download videos/Episodes/TV Shows from Hulu, Netflix, CBS, PBS, ABC etc.
  2. Enhanced video downloader, support playback while downloading.
  3. Enhanced built-in media player, now you can control it by shortcut keys while playing videos.
  4. Fixed a few bugs for video converting.
  5. Improved the stability of WMV video output in screen recorder.
  6. Various bugs fixed.
  7. Learn more about here

Video Download Capture V4.0.5 (Mar. 6th, 2012)

  1. FIXED: External subtitle doesn't display correctly
  2. FIXED: The converted video cannot be opened or is audio only on iPhone
  3. Improved Performance
  4. Various bugfixes

Video Download Capture V4.0.3 (Feb. 20th, 2012)

  1. Optimized Screen Recorder
  2. Added DIVX and QuickTime format
  3. Various bugfixes

Video Download Capture V4.0.0 (Feb. 13th, 2012)

  1. More stable to download and Record videos
  2. Screen Recorder in the program is more powerful
  3. Combined with New video Converter
  4. Video Download Capture 4.0 was released with Big improvements

Video Download Capture V3.1.1 (Jan 15th, 2012)

  1. Default to download HD video from Vimeo and YouTube.
  2. Support saving Vimeo HD video by URL

Video Download Capture V3.1.0 (Dec 6th, 2011)

  1. Audio and video problem when using screen recorder app.
  2. Video capture from YouTube is fixed.
  3. Other bugfixes

Video Download Capture V3.0.6 (Nov 10th, 2011)

  1. Optimized Screen Recorder..
  2. Various bugfixes

Video Download Capture V3.0.4 (Oct 26th, 2011)

  1. Fixed bugs for converting videos to MP4.
  2. Optimized Video Converter.
  3. Various bugfixes

Video Download Capture V3.0.1 (Oct 11th, 2011)

  1. Optimized Video Recorder.
  2. Various UI improvements
  3. Various bugfixes

Video Download Capture V3.0.0 (Sep 13th, 2011)

  1. Supported record screen with build-in screen recorder, it will help record any thing happened on your screen, not only record videos but screen action. Highlights!

Video Download Capture V2.6.9 (August 4th, 2011)

  1. Fixed the problem of downloading videos from YouTube.

Video Download Capture V2.6.7 (July 20th, 2011)

  1. Fixed the problem of downloading videos from YouTube.
  2. Download function was improved to be more stable.

Video Download Capture V2.6.0 (Jan 30th, 2011)

  1. video recorder function was improved to support most of the video sites.
  2. Download function was improved to be more stable.

Video Download Capture V2.4.9 (Aug 7th, 2010)

  1. Fixed the problem of downloading videos from YouTube,VEVO etc.

Video Download Capture V2.4.5 (Apr 2th, 2010)

  1. Fixed the problem of downloading videos from YouTube, Dailymotion(family filter) etc.
  2. Now support downloading YouTube videos in 360P/480P/720P/1080P New!

Video Download Capture V2.4.3 (March 18th, 2010)

  1. Fixed bugs for downloading videos from eHow, metacafe, Tube8, xTube, Megavideo,, etc.
  2. Added the support of more episode Websites, like,, etc.

Video Download Capture V2.4.0 (Feburary 2nd, 2010)

  1. Added built-in Video Recorder for videos from unsupported URL. Now Video Downlaod Capture can download any videos online by either URL download or Video Recorder. New!

Video Download Capture V2.3.3 (October 11th, 2009)

  1. Added the support of various sites worldwide, such as WAT.TV, TF1, ESPN, etc;

Video Download Capture V2.2.7 (August 16th, 2009)

  1. Added the support of multiple languages: French, German, Italian, Spanish;
  2. Fixed some bugs, and optimized for better stability;

Video Download Capture V2.2.4 (June 18th, 2009)

  1. Added the feature of "Add to iTunes": adding the finished downloads or local videos to iTunes library, for syncing to your iPod easily;
  2. Optimized the video search engine with faster, better search results;
  3. Added the feature of automatically saving the last video conversion preference for an easy conversion next time;
  4. Added the prompt window of "Exit" or "Minimize" when closing the main interface.

Video Download Capture V2.2.2 (May 29th, 2009)

  1. Supported more video websites:
    Normal video sites: Funnyordie, CollegeHumor, Funnyjunk, eBaumsWorld, CraveOnline, BoreMe, funnyhub, Bofunk, Funnyplace, ExtremeFunnyHumor, Dorks, JoKeroo, DailyHaHa, Holylemon, KillSomeTime , MediaBum, Drunkcow, Guzer, FunnyVideos, Yikers, MachoVideo, VeryFunnyDownloads, Lemonzoo, FunMansion,FunnyReign, FunnyEarth, Funatico, BullshitWorld, PlentyofVideos, FreeFunnyVideo
    Adult video sites: Pornfish, XVideohost, YourPornTube, MovieGator, PornRabbit, alotPorn, PornCor, vid2c, PornoJig, N4X, SEXbot, MoviesAnd, DarkTube, YouPornGay, XXXStash, Sexspacetv, HardSexTube, NewPorntube.
  2. Fixed some Video Website which can't be downloaded.
  3. The program is more stable and fast.

Video Download Capture V2.1.7 (Apr 2th,2009)

  1. Now support Windows 2007, Windows 2008, Windows XP and Vista 64Bit.

Video Download Capture V2.1.6 (Mar 25th, 2009)

  1. Fixed the video downloading problem.
  2. Added new video websites: SexTube, aniboom, KoosTube, LubeTube, Buzznet, photobuket,,, Jizzhut, WebPronews, flowgo.

Video Download Capture V2.1.4 (Feb 26,2009)

  1. Fixed Dailymotion "Family Filter" Problem.
  2. Now support New websites: PornHub,, Clipfish, Yuvutu, TooShocking, Totally NSFW, GayTube.
  3. Fixed other bugs.

Video Download Capture V2.1.2 (Feb 13, 2009)

  1. Fixed the bug of downloading videos from several video websites like XNXX, Xtube.
  2. Now support new websites: YourDailyMedia, FunMansion,, xHamster, TnAflix, TimTube, glumbert.
  3. Added new video formats to built-in video converter, support converting AMV, MTV and MKV video format.

Video Download Capture V2.0.1 (Jan 11,2009)

  1. Added video source. Now you can download videos from YouTube, Metacafe,Dailymotion,Myspace,Rutube,,Vreel,,Jumpcut,Spike,MetaTube, Yahoo,Break,RedTube, YouPorn,PornoTube,Tube8,Xvideos,XTube,,Picnic Tube,Vimeo,Google,Veoh. We are trying to add other video source for you to download more online videos.
  2. Improved the downloading rate and converting rate. Now you can download and convert videos much faster than before.
  3. Fixed a few bugs to make the program work more stable.

Video Download Capture V1.0.1 (Dec 2, 2008)

  1. Download tons of free videos from online website like YouTube, Metacafe, Megavideo, Google Video etc.
  2. Powerful Video Editor to help you cropping, trimming, converting videos and music to any formats.
  3. Built-in Video player and FLV Player can help you enjoy all your favorite videos on any Windows OS.

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